Working at SLPE: Project Engineer, Pin-Yu Chen

10 April 2024
Working at SLPE Pin-Yu quote

This month, we're thrilled to spotlight Pin-Yu Chen, our dynamic Project Engineer leading the Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm project at SLPE. Pin-Yu exemplifies the commitment, spirit, and dedication we deeply value, showcasing why SLPE is considered an exceptional place for engineers within the offshore renewables sector. With an unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive atmosphere, Pin-Yu's insights offer a glimpse into our unique culture, innovative spirit, and the significant strides we're making.

Dive into her thoughtful responses to some of the questions we posed to her below.

How Does the Supportive Culture at SLPE Empower Your Role as a Project Engineer?

My experience at SLPE is nothing short of transformative. The culture of support and teamwork is ingrained in every facet of our work. Colleagues are always ready to share knowledge and extend support, regardless of their schedules. This exceptional level of open communication and mutual support distinguishes SLPE in the offshore renewables sector. It resonates deeply with our culture statement: “Our people are our most valuable asset”. Together, we emphasise staff wellbeing, collaboratively overcome challenges, and collectively celebrate our victories. It's this sense of unity and mutual support that enriches our workplace and propels us towards exceptional achievements.

What Positions SLPE as a Pioneer in Enhancing Accessibility within the Offshore Renewables Sector?

SLPE leads the way in promoting accessibility in the offshore renewables sector through unmatched flexibility and inclusivity. For me, the possibility to occasionally work remotely from Taiwan, my home nation, highlights the company's dedication to meeting its employees' diverse needs. This flexibility, combined with an ethos of equality and openness, ensures that everyone feels welcome and valued. At SLPE, the enthusiasm for exchanging knowledge and experiences creates an environment where innovation flourishes, and every individual, regardless of their background or nationality, has a voice. It's this environment that transforms SLPE from a workplace to a vibrant community united by the common goal of advancing renewable energy.

How Does Being Part of a UK Company Focused on Greening the Energy Industry Inspire You?

Contributing to SLPE's mission in the heart of the UK's green energy revolution is extraordinarily fulfilling. The UK government's ambition to lead in green energy echoes through our work. As we support this vision via offshore wind projects, I'm honoured to be making a tangible impact on a sustainable future globally. The drive to innovate and lower the costs in green energy presents both a challenge and a motivation. Knowing that our efforts bolster government initiatives and pave the way for a brighter future is incredibly inspiring. This profound sense of purpose and the chance to effect real change make working at SLPE a truly rewarding experience.

A heartfelt appreciation to my team and all at SLPE!

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