Nurturing Wellbeing in the Offshore Industry

07 December 2023
the slpe team at work in their london-based office

Hannah Mills, People Practitioner at SLPE, shares insights into our wellbeing approach and underscores the equal importance of prioritising office-based wellbeing alongside frontline workers.

Traditionally, discussions about wellbeing in the offshore industry have centred on the physical health and safety of those working in challenging offshore environments. However, as the industry expands rapidly, we believe we must broaden our focus to encompass the wellbeing of office-based colleagues. While the physical challenges faced by offshore workers are undeniable, it's equally vital to address the mental health of our entire workforce.

At SLPE, we hold a deep commitment to recognising our people as our greatest asset. As the industry grapples with staff shortages due to its rapid growth, companies like SLPE must prioritise the creation of a sustainable working environment for all employees.

For those of us in office-based roles, the challenges may differ from the physical demands faced offshore, but the mental toll can be just as significant. The fast-paced nature of our work, coupled with the pressures of meeting project deadlines and the constant need for innovation, can lead to high levels of stress and burnout if not properly managed. Consequently, mental health has emerged as one of our industry's most pressing health and safety concerns.

Recognising the importance of addressing mental health, SLPE has taken proactive steps to support our team members. Recently, we have organised wellbeing workshops in collaboration with specialists from organisations like Aquarius and St. John Ambulance, with a focus on stress management, resilience, and mental health awareness.

In addition to group workshops, we offer personalised 1:1 wellbeing sessions. These have been enthusiastically utilised by our team, which signals their success in meeting the real needs of our workforce. We encourage all offshore companies to consider offering something similar. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate an industry-wide culture where individuals feel empowered to prioritise their mental health, seek assistance when necessary, and embrace the significance of a healthy work-life balance.

In the evolving offshore renewable energy industry, we recognise the importance of wellbeing for all, whether on the frontlines or in an office. At SLPE, our unwavering commitment is to foster a healthy, productive, and sustainable workforce. By making wellbeing central to our culture, we contribute to a healthier, more productive, and sustainable offshore industry.

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Since joining SLPE, Hannah has played a pivotal role in advancing SLPE’s efforts to create a more vibrant workplace, particularly in matters related to health, wellbeing, and other people-centred aspects of our culture. She injects a refreshing perspective and a wealth of experience into the organisation, all geared toward enhancing the wellbeing of our workforce.

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